Monday, March 29, 2010

Goldenbrand Challenge

I recently received a comment from Samantha Drake, a Storm wizard, working on the Goldenbrand challenge!! SO COOL! I'm not brave enough to try it out, but here are the details if you have no idea what I'm talking about. The goal of the challenge is to reach level 40 (Master wizard) without going on ANY story quests; only side-quests or dungeons. WOW. This means no potions, less experience points...and I guess the only way to get to worlds other than WC would be porting to friends...? Oh my goodness, that is quite an endeavor. I applaud those who have completed this challenge!

Now, being a STORM wizard on this challenge is FAR more difficult than usual, I'm sure! Without potions, I'd say the best way to succeed is simply to take on the Life school as a secondary. Or, just kill those monsters as fast as you possibly can, and get a few friends to help you out! I'm not an expert on the challenge, so I don't know if this is all legal... :P

Another good tactic is to repeat bosses. Some of them drop very helpful items, with higher HP and defense stats. If you are attempting the Goldenbrand challenge go for the high-health/high-defense items as often as possible. Samantha also mentioned being in possession of pets with health boosts or healing spells...these could prove to be incredibly valuable. By late spring, we can expect some new pets with cool assistance powers, which will hopefully help you guys a lot!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well, everyone, I've finally done it! I CAN TAKE SCREENSHOTS NOW! JOY TO THE WORLD! I kinda went crazy, so here are just a few of the snapshots! Enjoy!

Here's one of me and Jack (plus Prince Shadow and Madame Jasper)

And this one of me and Prince Shadow admiring Boris Blackrock .

Here's Trevor on his Black Stallion, Scarecrow.


Logan and Bruno in the Storm Tower.

Flint sayin' hi to Tinu

Rowan is very talkative. What can I say.

OMG--for lack of a better term

CAN YOU GUYS BELIEVE THE NEW ADDITIONS THEY'RE MAKING TO WIZARD101???!!! I'M SO PUMPED FOR JUNE!!!! If you haven't heard yet, KingsIsle just released new info on the patches--coming VERY SOON, you'll be able to hatch pet eggs, feed them, train them, etc!!! WOOT! Starting in JUNE, you'll hear about the new world (CELESTIA!), and the level cap will be raised to 60!!! THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE.

So whaddya think??? Here's the link: