Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Briskbreeze Tower: the ultimate level fifty challenge!

Grandmasters: this one goes out to you.
Briskbreeze Tower: get ready.

Really hard? Yes. Impossible? No way. Annoying? Completely.

People die in there. But they always come back for more. I call it the Briskbreeze Addiction.

So, my advice: make sure you have four people, because those bosses aren't gonna be any easier on you if there's only three. I would suggest taking along a friendly Theurgist, and if you are a Theurgist, take along a friendly Diviner (or two).

Here's the scoop. Ten floors. Two bosses. Cheating *gasp*

But the good news is, the floors that do not include bosses have four Dragonspyre-level monsters that do not cheat, so hopefully they will not be too much of a nuisance.

Now, the bosses...they're an entirely different story. The first boss is fire, so ice grands, load your decks. The problem with him is his minion, the devious Exploding Ember. Just kill him, please. He's a crazy one. If you let him sit until he gets four pips, BOOOOOM! He blows up with an enormous Meteor Strike. 10,000 damage for everyone. Goody. Another of this boss's secrets is his mysterious Meteor Strike, which does off-the-charts damage as well. Plus he can do it with no pips. Make sure you've got a couple good wards.

The final boss is death. What a cliche. But anyway, he has the same little Meteor Strike trick. He also has a devastating Heckhound that does over 500 damage a turn!!! Wow! He can summon three minions with 1500 HP each, but I think he can only do that once (hopefully). None of them are Exploding Embers, so don't worry about that. A good trick for both of the bosses is a fire dispel. If you can learn it, use it, and use it often.

Just remember, it's not impossible. I am a survivor. And it is definitely not a waste of time (I scored more than 10,000 gold selling all the loot! Whoopee!)

I like it...but I don't get it

I've been thinking about some things in the game that I like but do not understand. KI, if you're out there, please assist. Here are four examples.

1) Jumping. WHAT I LIKE: It's fun, everyone jumps. You can get some big air off a staircase, jump into water, and leap around on mounts for even more enjoyment. WHAT I DON'T GET: what's the point? You can't jump over stuff. Sure it's fun, but it has no real purpose...does it?
2) Sir Reginald Baxby. WHAT I LIKE: He's a zebra with a hat. What's not to like? WHAT I DON'T GET: So I understand that he is working to keep young wizards safe, but how can he do that when he's just standing there quietly on the side of the road, not even where there are monsters? Rule 'A' of fighting wizards: fight magic with magic, not guns. It won't work.
3) The magical rainbow in Grizzleheim. WHAT I LIKE: Yay for walking on rainbows! You hear little sparkly magic noises when you go across! Quite fun. There is also a mini-rainbow in the myth-themed house! WHAT I DON'T GET: Rainbows are supposed to be visions, not bridges. And what do rainbows have to do with the Viking world of Grizzleheim? I'm sorry, but why couldn't it just be a normal bridge?
4) The Centaur's arrow. WHAT I LIKE: That is one cool arrow if it can grow a tree, destroy it, and make all the little pieces come back to hit the opponent; all in the time it takes to eat a piece of chocolate (that's right, I timed it). It's also cool how the arrow is in slow-mo when it's shot. WHAT I DON'T GET: I think the arrow would hurt a lot more if it just nailed the person. But there is a sort of reasonable explanation that I devised. You see, the Centaur should absolutely have been a myth spell, but because a final life damage spell was needed, this guy had to be changed to fit the role. So they made it associated with trees. It's actually a good idea, if you think about it. But I still don't get the slow-motion thing.

Have anything you like but don't understand? Tell me about it.

Mount Madness!

On the ever-intruiging topic of mounts...I personally think that they are some of the most desirable items in the game. Not only do they look super-cool, but they give you a nice speed boost for those long journeys between quests. Here is my opinion on each different type of mount.

Enchanted Broom (5000 Crowns): It's the classic broom design, and low-cost. Perfect for a wizard who loves the functional and is not an animal person.
Purple Glider/Horned Sweeper (7000 Crowns): The Glider features a purple grip and star-shaped amethyst-looking tip (more "girly", shall we say). The Sweeper is sky blue where the other is purple, and is tipped with the head of a dragon. Although these are a little more fancy-looking than the enchanted broom, they are essentially the same.
Faithful Dragoness/Dark Redwing/Blue Dragon (15000 Crowns): The Dragoness is pink, the Redwing is crimson, and the Blue Dragons are very regal creatures, and I have to say--I envy those who are fortunate enough to call themselves dragon riders. I especially like their little wing flutter as they come down from a jump. They are expensive, though, so not the best choice for someone looking to save Crowns (like me).
Chestnut Pony (5000 Crowns): This pony is a cute little guy, with a windswept black mane and, well, a chestnut coat. The horses happen to be my favorite mounts for no reason in particular, and this one is a sweet deal at just 5000 Crowns. I really have no idea why it costs less, but remember to never underestimate pony power, even if it is 2000 Crowns cheaper than horse power.
White Mare (7000 Crowns): A classic white horse with a bluish mane and tail. Plus the mane is really quite stylish. My only issue with this mount is the weird purply eyeshadow and strangely long eyelashes. I don't get it. These things add a certain amount of unnecessary girliness, which is okay if you like that kind of stuff. But it's not for me.
Black Stallion (7000 Crowns): This one is my personal preferred mount (let's call it a PPM). Sleek, jet black coat, spiky black mane and little goatee-thing. Plus it doesn't look so goofy because its mouth is closed, unlike the other horses, which are grinning. In my opinion, this is definitely the coolest horse available.
Royal Lioness (10000 Crowns): I am a fan of the big cats, don't get me wrong. But the lioness looks like she could lose a couple pounds...lay off the snickerdoodles, know what I'm saying? But seriously, if you love the idea of riding a noble beast such as this, then knock yourself out! Not literally, please.
Proud Lion (15000 Crowns): Yep, more lion power! To me, this cool fellow, mane and all, is a little less fat than the lioness. It might just be me--I'm sorry, Royal Lioness, I still love you.
Bengal Tiger (15000 Crowns): We got any Cincinnati Bengals fans? Detroit Tigers? Any other one of the billions of tiger sports teams? Well it's your lucky day! The tiger is dark orange (I kind of expected a lighter orange) with the usual black stripes. I really like this one, but it's 15000. Not on my budget. But it's okay--I really just like looking at 'em.
(This mount is now unavailable) Charity Meowmodon (7500 Crowns): First of all, it's sort of a strange name. I don't know why they couldn't have named it 'White Tiger' for gosh' sake, but I accept. Second--it makes you feel good to buy it because proceeds go to a childrens' charity! Yay! Third--then it makes you feel kinda sad, because it only gives you a 30% speed boost, unlike the usual 40%. Then it makes you feel happy again, because this is one sweet ride, folks. So please, don't turn it down because it's only 10% less speed. Have a heart. And good taste in mounts.
Bat/Seraph/Swiftshadow Wings (7000 Crowns): They're pretty amazing, because they let you show your wands and they make flapping noises. The Seraph Wings are white and feathery, "Just like a real Seraph's wings." The bat wings are relatively similar to those of a Blood Bat, which is pretty darn cool. They're grey-brown and all ripped up, and yet they still propel you...and the newer Swiftshadows are like black Seraph Wings!
Dream Filly (10000 Crowns): YAAAAAAY! The long-desired Unicorn Mount has finally graced us with its presence! It looks very similar to the Unicorn pet/spell, with a pale blue mane and tail, and a decorative leafy ring around the base of its neck. I <3 UNICORNS!!!
Swift Shark (15000 Crowns): If you want a fierce, exotic ride, go for the shark. It has a layered red, black, and gold saddle. But wait--you ask, "How does a shark live out of water?" Well, my inquisitive imaginary friend, this shark floats. That's right. It hovers above the ground!!! AHHH SO COOL!!

So, what is your PPM (personal preferred mount)? What mounts would you like to see added to the game? I'd love to hear your ideas.

For the high-level Diviners or the curious: Wild Bolt. A curse or a blessing?

For those good Diviners out there: how do you stand it? I admire your patience, because those low-accuracy spells of yours drive me nuts! Especially old Wild Bolt. My compadre. My amigo. But not really. For those of you who haven't encountered this wacky little number, here's the info: Wild Bolt is a storm spell--2 pips--1000+ damage. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it is. Because guess what, it's only 10% accuracy (well, 20% on treasure cards, but that's not much better).

I've got about six of these babies in my treasure card collection (courtesy of a kind Diviner friend--thanks Rowan!), and I'm happy to announce that I recently scored my first hit with one! You know, the great thing about a treasure card is when you fizzle it, you don't lose it. Just be aware that in the case of these high-power, low-cost, nearly nonexistant-accuracy spells, you'll just keep on fizzling. And fizzling. And fizzling...

Tips and strategies for each school

Hey there all of you who just started playing Wizard101! Welcome to the game! If you're interested, here is a quick little guide on some things you should know about your school. I know, I know, it looks long. But all you need to do if you want some quick tips is scroll down to find your school. If you want my take on all of the schools (if you're considering a secondary school), then take your time! Read all of them! Keep going! JUST START!!!

ICE: Ice wizards are referred to as Thaumaturges. Their spells focus more on blocking and sustaining health than actually attacking. This school has been said to be the most difficult one to start out with as a new wizard, but once you level up some more, you'll find that you survive much more easily in a battle than, say, a powerful Diviner. My motto for the ice school is this: slow and steady wins the race. Just don't rush when you're in battle. Take time to pump up your spells with traps and stuff, and you'll do fine. If you're having a hard time deciding which secondary school to use (the one where you have to spend your training points), I would consider storm or fire. These hard-hitting spells can make up for your lower-damage ones, although they are not as reliable.

STORM: A storm wizard is called a Diviner, as mentioned before. Storm spells are far more powerful than any of the other schools (although fire comes pretty close sometimes), but Diviners normally have less hitpoints. Their spells are also less accurate than others, so be prepared to fizzle. A LOT. My motto for the storm school: kill 'em quick and USE THOSE POTIONS! If you're a Diviner, you have tons of power in your pocket--don't let it go to waste. Use it ASAP when you're in a fight. Now, some of you who have just started do not have potions yet. But they're very helpful. Fill them up often, and use them after any fight where you have lost more than half your health. Don't pretend you don't need them! :P Okay, a good secondary school for a Diviner is life of course, but death is also an option. Anything to keep that HP up!

FIRE: A fire wizard is called a Pyromancer. Fire is a good school for a new wizard. Its spells are nicely balanced between power and accuracy, and it has some helpful "damage over time" spells, too. Your first damage over time spell is 'Fire Elf', and there will be many more to come. A few really nice things about these types of spells are: 1) if your opponent has a lot of fire wards and you want to use a higher-powered attack, the continuous hits from each turn will eliminate the shields, giving you an opening for your big hit. 2) When you pump up your damage over time spell with positives (the little blades) and then, "Oh no!", your opponent has put up a shield right on the turn you were about to cast it--freak not, my friends! Because this is the purpose of the first, smaller hit that your spell does. It gets rid of the shield, and you still get the added damage of your positives! Hooray! My motto for the fire school: keep a balance going between attacking and blocking and adding traps or positives. Keep in mind that fire is powerful, but offers slightly less hitpoints to its users. A Pyromancer would also be great with any secondary school!

BALANCE: A wizard of the balance school is a Sorcerer. Balance, like the school of death, is a slightly harder technique to learn. You can only learn the first few spells in Ravenwood--after that, you must travel to a different location (I'm not telling!) to learn your new spells. Because balance is often referred to as the 'seventh school', it is sort of an oddball. I don't have anything against it. But balance spells do not have a certain opposite. Some spells that you learn in the balance school, including Spectral Blast and Hydra, hit with ice, fire, and storm; the three 'original' schools. So don't worry, you'll still have a chance to work those advantages! My motto for balance: because you are not at a real advantage or disadvantage in a fight against a non-balance elemental, pull out all the stops and use as many positives, wards, and traps as you can. This way you can have a self-made advantage, and if you have friends with you, their spells will be powered up by your all-around buffing-up. Keep in mind that your secondary school will influence your battles greatly, so go for your favorite one and pack your deck!

MYTH: Myth wizards are called Conjurers, so named because they can 'conjure up' mythological beasts. I really love this school (I'm into Greek mythology), but I don't know many Conjurers who are well-versed in its mysteries. This is an exciting, interesting school with an irritable teacher and fun spells (ninja pig is my personal fav, although I think you can only get it in treasure card form). With an accuracy of around 85% and a bit more power than ice or balance, myth specializes in these cool double-hits. Take my buddy the minotaur, for example: he swings his axe one way and hits a low-damage strike, taking away wards. Then he delivers the second blow, which is about ten times more powerful than the first! My motto for the myth school: you are ready to take on those powerful bosses--don't doubt yourself! First of all, you'll get plenty of help in battle with all those minions you earn. They are very helpful, so keep your favorites well-stocked. Also, myth spells have an advantage against storm, and you know how tough those storm bosses can be. A good secondary school for myth is death, because that way you can keep your health at just a high enough level with draining, unlike life spells, which are great but require a turn just to heal. With myth, just keep doing damage.

DEATH: A death wizard is called a Necromancer. I'm sure you've all heard bad things about Necromancers, but they are really quite awesome. For one thing, their spells pack quite a punch. They can be pumped up to a maximum level as well with spells like Feint and others you earn along the way. And the more you pump them up, the more you get to keep for yourself! Yep, I'm talking about draining. Whenever you hit with a spell such as Ghoul or Vampire, you deal the full damage, and you take half of it back as health! My motto for the death school: make sure you maximize the power of your drainage spells! The more you give, the more you get! Put plenty of draining spells, positives, and traps in your deck. A good secondary school for death is balance or ice, so you can keep attacking with reliable spells between draining.

LIFE: Last but CERTAINLY not least, life wizards: Theurgists. Life wizards are very popular. You're always wanted on a team so you can keep up your buddies' life, and not only that, but you also have some heavy-hitting spells up your sleeves! I'm talking about Leprechaun, Seraph, the infamous Centaur, and a couple more that I'm forgetting but I'm sure are there. Leprechaun is a fabulous low-level spell, that's all there is to it. Seraph is great in a pinch, and Centaur is...well, it's Centaur. Plus, if you hadn't noticed, almost all of these spells are 90% accurate, which is awesome!!! All of this great stuff makes up for the sad fact that you can't hit all of your enemies with one spell, such as Blizzard or Meteor Strike. Oh well! My motto for the life school: be a good friend and help out those in need (or in a hard boss fight). You are desperately needed in these situations, and you'll also earn extra loot. But don't forget to focus on healing yourself, too. Altogether, life is quite a well-balanced school. A good secondary school for it would be myth or fire, because of their more powerful all-enemy hits.

Thanks for reading, and I hope it helps! Let me know if you've got any questions.

To My Fellow Wizards...

Welcome to my new blog, 'The Silver Shade of Winter; Guide to Wizard101'. I am a huge fan of the awesome MMO Wizard101, and, being a grandmaster, I am here to answer all of your questions to the best of my ability! I'd also like to throw in some ideas for the game that I've been thinking about, so give me your feedback! No matter your level, experience, pet or wand/sword/staff, you are welcome to contribute your ideas.

A few of you may know me as Fallon Silvershade, Thaumaturge extraordinaire. She is a grandmaster, a proud champion of the daunting Briskbreeze Tower in Colossus Boulevard, and the owner of a young ice colossus named Prince Shadow. But, sadly, she is stuck right now on the Obsidian Chest quest. If any kind Saviors of the Spiral want to give me some tips...anyway, the others on my account include: Kieran Winter, Sorcerer; Rowan Duskflame, Pyromancer; Trevor Lionheart, Necromancer, and Flint Ghostbane, Conjurer. So now that I've taken up a whole paragraph talking about my characters, go on and tell everyone about yours. I'd love to hear your accomplishments and quest troubles!