Friday, April 30, 2010


Okay, I FINALLY have some more screenshots--sorry for the wait (blog musta been really boring)!!! Soo I've been on the Test Realm quite a lot, but still no egg. I know. It's sad. No one has wanted to hatch a pet egg with me. Oh, and it costs a whopping 80,000 gold!!! DUDE. That's pretty hefty. But I guess I can try to save up...I'd better start farming! I think I'm gonna wait for Jack to get his Orthrus first anyway (he's level 46 now--two more levels to go). Okay, here we go...

This is what I like to call a pet par-tay. Look at them!!! They're all so cute and, as you might have guessed, you can now release your pets in your house and hang out with them! Here are a few little tricks I learned--click on your Emotes, and choose "clap" (makes your pets come toward you), "scold" (makes your pets run away from you), or "dance" (makes your pets dance with you). Dance is totally my favorite. You should see some of those moves! I wish I was skilled like that.

Here's Fallon on her PERMANENT Blue Dragon!!! I probably won't be able to buy this in the real game...but my birthday's coming up so who knows?! And as you can see, I'm in Colossus Blvd. chilling with Mindy. So, you know Mildred Farseer, who lives right near where I am in this screenshot? I would go check in with her if ya catch my drift...(new spells!!!).

Oh, and here's Adam! I just realized that you hadn't even seen him yet!

So there's your update! If you've got any questions, post a comment and let me know!


Thursday, April 29, 2010


I AM SOOOO EXCITED GUYS!!!! The test realm is now officially open, so new pet stuff has arrived!!! Man I can't wait!!! Okay, patching.....logging on....I'll let y'all know what's up when it finishes all this loading.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

DRAGONSPYRE TIME!!! And Character Plans!

I am pleased to announce that Jack Frost has completed Mooshu!!! He has yet to finish many side quests (from several different worlds), which I keep begging him to do, but he just wants to get to Malistaire ASAP. What can ya do?

He's almost done with the Tower Archives, and he's played it mostly without my help, since I've been working on Adam. Recently we decided to make teams of two characters each, one from each account. I will be making four characters, and he will make three. The first team is obviously Fallon and Jack (Ice and Myth). Next is Adam and Jack (Life and Myth), just because Adam has kinda been going solo while Jack finishes up his story quests, and he needs a partner in crime. Coming soon will be a Storm-Balance team and a Fire-Death team. If you have any good name suggestions, let me know! All of my characters' last names will end in 'Shade', and Jack's will be one word. Here's what I was thinking:

Storm (my next character): Scarlet SkyShade
Balance (Jack's next character): Lucas Bane
Death (my last character): Angus NightShade
Fire (Jack's last character): Patrick Dragon

Please leave some comments!! And remember, if you have any Wizard101 question, feel free to ask!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Polls closed! And some Celestia ideas...?

The voting is over, and the winner is................NEW MAGIC SCHOOLS!!! Four out of the seven who voted are most excited for the new magic schools. Trust me, I am too. Here are some assumptions I made regarding these schools:

FACT: We have the Elemental schools (Ice, Fire, & Storm), and the Spirit schools (Death, Life, & Myth)
ASSUMPTION: We will soon have the Celestial schools: Lunar/Moon, Solar/Sun, and Astral/Star

FACT: When creating your Wizard at the very beginning of the game, you must come up with a name. In the last name selections, you can pick any of the schools (i.e., Fallon Iceshade).
ASSUMPTION: Because you can also pick Sun, Moon, or Star, they are schools as well.....

FACT: The Elemental and Spirit schools can be chosen as schools of focus.
ASSUMPTION: The Celestial schools will only be available through Training Points, because the schools might be located in Celestia.

Now, here are some ideas I came up with for the schools.

Spells and traits for the Lunar/Moon school: a couple spell ideas...lots of nocturnal animals...Werewolf, I'm owl of some actual bat (not a Bloodbat)...even...*gasp*...Lunar Eclipse?!? Maybe. School colors: navy blue and white/yellow.

Spells and traits for the Solar/Sun school: if there weren't a Fire school, the Solar school would probably have most of those spells, but I'll give it a try; hmmm....some kind of flaming horse...a lion...a sun chariot...a sun god (equivalent to Storm Lord?)...ooh, and maybe Solar Eclipse, too!! BTW: Solar eclipses are WAAAY cooler than lunar eclipses, but they're shorter, so Solar Eclipse could be more powerful. School colors: red and yellow/orange.

Spells and traits for the Astral/Star school: okay, I would love to see a little star-guy who went up to your enemies and attacked them with rainbows or something...but I'm guessing that's not gonna happen. Now, since FIRE STOLE THE METEOR SPELL (*cough cough*), the Astral school will not have one of those, but I bet there'll be something similar, like star shower...and then maybe some constellations will come to life? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. School colors: silver and gold.

Oh, and Fire school, no offense intended--I still love you.

Soooo, there are my ideas for the new schools! Hope this makes sense!

Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm Back! Adam StarShade Update!

I was away again for most of this week (sorry I didn't warn you guys), but I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything... :P Here's an Adam StarShade update: level 23, recently learned Humongofrog and Seraph! Like I said in my school tips post (check out the blog archive!), Myth is a good secondary school for Life because it offers a nice all-enemy attack spell at an early level. Now Adam's gotten to the Krokosphinx, and he's about halfway through it. He'll be done soon!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Jack Frost: Level 38, Mooshu-Finishing Time! AND Sword Collecting!

Jack recently reached Mooshu, and got to LEVEL 38! Yeah, so he didn't reach 50 by the end of that week (I know we were all expecting it), but 38's pretty good! He got caught up in parties, apparently...silly Conjurers...but anyway, he's learned Minotaur and Minotaur Minion, and he is SO excited for Earthquake!

Now, lately I've been building up my sword collection--that's right, you know the swords you can win from bosses and such? Not athames, but wands! The ones I'm after are those that do 100 damage. Here is the list of bosses that drop these swords (most of 'em are in the Drake Hatchery/Labyrinth, so be sure to stop by those areas next time you hit Dragonspyre).

Giant Homonculus: Drake Hatchery--Longblade of the Homonculus, Ice

Avalanche: Drake Hatchery--Avalanche's Legendary Cutlass, Myth

Valeska Redwind: Drake Hatchery--Redwind's Viridian Blade, Life

Vladimir Darkflame: Labyrinth--Dean Darkflame's Cleaver, Fire

The Hoarder: Drake Hatchery--Shockblade of the Hoarder, Storm

Ivan Soulsinger: Drake Hatchery--Soulsinger's Soulsword

Property Master: Labyrinth--Sword of the Steward

Here's some tips for farming these guys:

1. With Avalanche, Soulsinger, and the Homonculus, JUST KEEP FARMING!! Bring some friends too--even when you have friends farming with you, the drop rate of whatever boss you're fighting is not lowered. After one round, check your loot, and if you're low on health, mark at the instance, go back to the Atheneum and fill up your mana/potion. Then you can sell the loot you collected and head right on back! Oh, and quick side note: these three bosses are all the same type as the sword they drop.

2. For the Hoarder...she's Balance, unlike the Storm sword she drops. She enjoys walking around the upper part of the Drake Hatchery, so after you kill her once, you'll have to either wait until she respawns, or you could switch realms. It took my friends and I a pretty long time to get her sword, but if this happens to you, DON'T BE DISCOURAGED! It's an awesome sword, so it's worth waiting for. Plus, you can get some great extra loot to either wear or sell!

3. I already own the swords of everyone in the Drake Hatchery (except Valeska), partly because they're the easier ones to farm, and partly because I haven't had the patience to get through the Labyrinth a billion times. I have done it twice, however (with Jack), and this is what I discovered: almost every single boss in the Labyrinth drops a sword. The Property Master and Vladdy drop the 100-damage ones, but most of the others drop those 95/90-damage swords. HOORAY! In fact, Jack got the Saber of the Gallium Paladin, which happens to be a Myth sword. Okay, so the Property Master is Life, and Darkflame is Death. I happen to really like Vladdy's sword, so I'm hoping I get it SOOOON!

4. Valeska Redwind. My arch-nemesis, I think. In a past life. Or something. I know hate is a strong I'm not gonna use it. I've actually only fought Valeska once, on the Dragonspyre quest to defeat her. Yeah, you can guess how that went...didn't get the sword. :( But seriously, I want that Life sword!!! The tower is kind of excruciating, so try it out with a friend or two (a Diviner or Theurgist if possible--you guys know I love you). Valeska is Myth, which is kinda.............weird? I strongly dislike this lady, but I'll probably like her more once I kill her a few times. And get her sword. That would be mighty fine.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adam StarShade Update! And NIGHTSIDE!

Adam's on a roll! He's now level 14 (I had a lot of time on my hands), and he's just about done with Wizard City! All he has to do now is beat Grubb...which might take a while.

If you aren't familiar with Grubb yet, he's in Nightside. Have you ever been across Rainbow Bridge in Wizard City? Well, while you're standing on it, take a look to the side. There's a waterfall running into the lake, and if you wade over there and duck under the fall, THERE'S A SUPER-SECRET CAVE!! You won't be able to get through the door with the Death school symbol unless you've completed Colossus Boulevard, so you might have to work for a little while longer. But be thankful. Grubb is by far the hardest dungeon in Wizard City, so I suggest getting a few friends to help you. Here are some examples of the extreme craziness in Nightside:

1. Right when you enter the dungeon, you get pulled into a battle with three Myth ghosts, 500 health. Send your "bait" into the fight, then have them flee and port back in.

2. Navigating the streets can be a real hassle, as these 3-foe battles are everywhere you turn.

3. That Norton tower is MEAN. It has numerous floors (I wasn't counting :P but I looked it up: 5 floors)

4. Even level 40s have trouble soloing the Sunken City dungeon.

SO PLEASE: help those in need. Lend a hand. Don't let your buddies die when fighting Grubb. Get healing spells in your decks (a lot of 'em), and definitely take a Theurgist or Diviner. YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Beginnings

I re-did a couple of things lately:
1. Bought back my training points (Mr. Lincoln, in Golem Court) and learned Storm, as well as Elemental Blade/Trap (Niles), Fire and Ice Dispels, and Reshuffle (all available at Mildred Farseer, Colossus Blvd).
2. Changed Fallon's colors (again) to purple and gold, and brought back Mr. Meowz (Meowmodon Mount).
3. Deleted ALL my other characters and created Adam StarShade, now level 6 Theurgist! I've decided to make other characters after getting him to level 50.
4. I'm taking on the PvP arena! Fallon needs some practice (not a very good record...still a Private). If anybody has some tips for the arena, let me know!