Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bring it, DragonSpyre

ADAM FINISHED MOOSHU! Here's a shot from before his battle with Cyrus!!

AND, because I've done all my side quests plus finished Grizzleheim, he's already level 44!!! Man I'm so excited!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Adam StarShade: ONE SPELL LEFT! And...the Test Realm

42 is such a nice number...

Not only did Adam learn the spell above (EARTHQUAKE!!) as his last Myth spell, but he also learned his second-to-last Life spell, Sanctuary! He's actually level 43 now, so only five more levels to go before Rebirth!!!

I like to do double posts now and again, so let's talk about the Test Realm. I have been on it recently with Fallon, and have reached the ominous Warehouse. Can't beat it. Fallon and two Theurgists got to the first boss, died, then tried again and got to the same point. You really need four players for this dungeon, people. VERY difficult. Harder than Briskbreeze, I think...? Let me know the details on this dungeon, because all I know for sure right now is that the first boss is Myth, and he has the same tricks as the Briskbreeze bosses: Myth style!

He also yells out randomly, "HELP ME!!!" or something of that nature. I have concluded that he is being manipulated by the evil Celestians. He's a crab (sorta), and I'm pretty sure that the crabs are the good guys, because earlier in the quest string you fight these nasty-looking insect thingies, which MUST be the bad guys. GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!