Life Spells

LEVEL 1: Imp—65-105 damage—cost: 1 (Moolinda Wu)

LEVEL 2: Minor Blessing—65 health—cost: 0 (Complete quest: ‘Enrollment’)

FREEDOM QUEST (LIFE WIZARD): Fairy—420 health—cost: 2 (Complete quest: ‘Freedom!’)

FREEDOM QUEST (ALL WIZARDS): Pixie—400 health (self only)—cost: 2 (Complete quest: ‘Freedom!’)

LEVEL 5: Leprechaun—155-195 damage—cost: 2 (Moolinda Wu)

LEVEL 7: Unicorn—275 health to all allies—cost: 3 (Complete quest: ‘Introduction to Life’)

LEVEL 8: Legend Shield—subtract 70% damage from next Death and Myth attacks—cost: 0 (Moolinda Wu)

LEVEL 10: Sprite—30 + 270 health over 3 turns—cost: 1 (Moolinda Wu)

LEVEL 10: Life Shield—subtract 80% damage from next Life attack—cost: 0 (Sabrina Greenstar)

LEVEL 10: Life Trap—add 25% damage to next Life attack—cost: 0 (Mildred Farseer)

LEVEL 12: Nature’s Wrath—240-300 damage—cost: 3 (Complete quest: ‘Animation’)

LEVEL 15: Calm—reduce threat on target—cost: X (Mortis)

LEVEL 16: Spirit Armor—absorb 400 damage—cost: 3 (Moolinda Wu)

COMPLETE WIZARD CITY: Life Prism—convert next Life damage to Death—cost: 0 (Complete quest: ‘The Sixth School’)

LEVEL 18: Sprite Guardian—summon a Life Minion—cost: 4 (Complete quest: ‘The Missing Gem’)

LEVEL 22: Seraph—335-395 damage—cost: 4 (Moolinda Wu)

LEVEL 25: Drain Health—sacrifice Minion for 450 health—cost: 1 (Croaky)

LEVEL 26: Satyr—860 health—cost: 4 (Moolinda Wu)

COMPLETE KROKOSPHINX: Life Blade—add 40% damage to next Life attack—cost: 0 (Complete quest: ‘Back to Balance’)

COMPLETE KROKOTOPIA: Guidance—add 10% accuracy to all group members’ next attack—cost: 1 (Complete quest: ‘Temple Dweller’)

LEVEL 28: Regenerate—52 + 1101 health—cost: 5 (Complete quest: ‘My Re-generation’)

LEVEL 33: Centaur—515-595 damage—cost: 6 (Moolinda Wu)

COMPLETE MARLEYBONE: Guiding Light—add 30% to next healing spell—cost: 0 (Complete quest: ‘Bad News…’)

LEVEL 38: Dryad—200 health per pip—cost: X (Complete quest: ‘Beat the Plague’)

LEVEL 42: Sanctuary—add 50% to all healing spells—cost: 3 (Moolinda Wu)

LEVEL 48: Rebirth—450 health and Spirit Armor to all allies—cost: 7 (Complete quest: ‘Loudly Sing Cuckoo’)