Sunday, December 5, 2010

Forest Lord! And some issues with the Medusa quest...


Nope, I'm not excited at all.
OK I'M SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!!! This guy is the boss. But I haven't actually used him yet. You see, Jack is still trying to beat Talos, the Balance boss who wraps up the Medusa quest. So I've been focused on helping him before we set out to wreak havoc with our awesome new spells. Talos starts with 7 pips, and Jack has a relatively low health level, so it hasn't been going too well. Let's see...he's lost to him around 6 times now? It's hard, especially since Jack only has 14 Crowns (aka, not enough to buy a henchman). Also, I find it weird that I was able to bring in buddies when I fought the Life boss, who was part of the Forest Lord quest, but Jack can't bring in friends to fight Talos. I doubt it was a glitch that let people port in to me, so what's up with this? I mean, the Spirit schools boost on Balance, which is obviously easier than fighting a boss from your own school. But Myth just doesn't have the health capacity to take on a 13,000-health boss that hits you with a Power Nova or a souped-up Judgement on the first turn! Here are some strategies I've been thinking about for fighting Talos:
1. Polymorphing. Having recently acquired the piggy and kitty Polymorphing spells, we've found them to be incredibly helpful--especially the kitty. Having some solid Storm spells up your sleeve never hurts. However, in fighting Talos, the Gobbler transformation has been most useful. When Jack's low on health, he can pull out a Gobbler Polymorph and rocket back up. Well, not necessarily rocket, but increase substantially. All four heals put together round out to 1600, which is pretty good. Of course, all the while Jack gets battered by attacks, but it lets you recover for a little while.
2. The Minotaur Minion. Minions are always helpful, but so far, we've found the Minotaur to be the best. With 700 health, it can last longer than most Minions, and it Taunts almost all the attention to itself. It also puts up a Tower Shield on you sometimes, when it's feeling generous. So I'd suggest stacking up your deck with Minotaur Minions and Sacrifice Minions, so just when your Minion is about to die, you can sacrifice it and collect 450 health in return.
3. To take out Talos's henchman, use a Mythblade on your first or second turn and get an Orthrus out ASAP. This is very important. The henchman can actually do a lot of damage, including blading and supporting Talos.
4. I haven't actually tried this yet, but what about buying some good Balance-resistant clothes? I'd hate to trade in Jack's Grandmaster/level 58 gear during such a crucial fight, but it may be worth it to give up those luxuries in order to stay alive.
Possibly more strategies to come! I'll let y'all know when Jack wins (that's a when, not an if!) and what strategy he used during the battle!

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