Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sorry...AND question!

I'm sorry I didn't warn anybody beforehand, but I've been away for two weeks...just got, yeah. BUT there is a question I must answer!!! Somebody asked what some new cool pet mixes are! :D I CAN ANSWER THAT!!!
To Mr./Ms. Anon, please check the link on the post 'Hybrid pets = super-duper' (lol) if you haven't already! I believe all of the hybrid pets on that link are still available, but I don't think there are any new ones!?
If anybody else is aware of new hybrid pets please let me know! THANKS!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Malfunctions: FIXED!!

Fallon is back in working order, people! THANK YOU KINGSISLE!!! I received my Firebat pet, and 2500 Crowns, and my Black Stallion, AND my decks!!! I really appreciate all of the work you guys have done over there! The only thing that was not fixed was Prince Shadow's level, but don't worry: I got him back up to Ancient. ;)

Monday, June 7, 2010


I have a MAJOR technical difficulty, folks. You see, it all started on a sunny Saturday (day before yesterday)...
So, I bought some Crowns and purchased the NEW MEGA SNACK PACK! I leveled Prince Shadow, my Colossus, up to Ancient. He gained Mana Gift and Steal Morale. I was pleased. Next, I decided to do a little bit of farming: RATTLEBONES! I needed a break from Gurtok Demon--don't judge. I gained a total of EIGHT Myth Sprites, but no Starlight Pony. :( Anyway, I did a last Gurtok Demon battle with Jack, then logged off.

I log onto Wizard101 in the morning, but cannot connect to server--twice. Third try works, and when I log onto Fallon, the first thing I realize is that I have no Mount. Huh. Very weird. My little Scarecrow (Black Stallion) is gone!!! He's not in my backpack, not in my bank, NOWHERE. So while I'm hunting through everything for Scarecrow, I discover that I don't have any decks anywhere either. I check my card selection page, and guess what? NO CARDS. AT ALL. No deck, no cards, no Mount, AND Prince Shadow is somehow an Adult again. Once again: very weird.

So I sent a bug report in to KI, and I'm still waiting for a response. If y'all have any ideas/consolation/your own technical difficulties, please be a friend and leave a comment. Thanks. I will try to fix this ASAP!!!