Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well, I'm proud to say that I've gotten my first question! It's from...anonymous. Well, the mystery person asked what the best way to beat Golem Tower is. So, if you are unfamiliar with Golem Tower, it is in Golem Court, which branches off of the Commons in Wizard City. There are a couple quests in there (for lower levels), and you can also get your handy-dandy 'Golem Tower Champion' badge by finishing the tower!

Now, hopefully by the time you're going to the tower you'll have gotten a potion. You will absolutely need one of those if you want to get past all the floors. The first floor is one easy little golem dude. It shouldn't take too long. The next floor is a double dose of easy little golem dudes, which is a little bit less easy, but still shouldn't cause too much pain. SAVE YOUR POTION! Make sure you have as much healing as possible in your deck for these first few floors.

The next floor is stepping it up--two Clockwork Golems, who are pretty big and scary compared to the guys you just fought. It should only take a few spells to kill them, but make sure you take the time to heal yourself before finishing them off. You're saving your potion for the next floor, which is exactly the same as the last one--two Clockworks. If you aren't at full health before you enter the battle, the first thing you should do is heal.

The next floor is the last, and you'll be up against the ominous Iron Golem!!! AAAGGGHHH! But freak not, fellow Wizards--NOW you can use your potion! Use it on the floor before the Iron Golem, once you've killed the Clockworks. Open up your deck and take out most of the healing spells (leave a few, though, just in case), and replace them with heavy-hitter attacks. Finally, enter the next stage to battle the boss and his buddy (another Clockwork, ugh). Good luck!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fighting Malistaire

Yes, I have finally done it--I have defeated Malistaire! YAY! Now, this appears to be an incredibly scary task (which, I assure you, it is), but it is the dream of every young Wizard (if I can speak for all of you). Here are some important things to remember:

Bring four people!!! This is VERY important, because most of the fights include 4 monsters. Name one person the 'bait'. This means that the person will go into the fights that you want to avoid, then let everyone else go around the battle, then flee and teleport back. Make sure you all stick together, though. It's also a good thing if you're all friends, because in the case that someone dies in battle, they should be able to teleport back. So, fill up your potions, pack your decks, and get ready for a lot of craziness!

If your quest is to explore the place, you'll have that yellow questing arrow to guide you. Follow it past a couple of battles (this is where the bait comes in), and you'll go through a door. Keep following the arrow, which will take you all the way down to where a cool floating elevator is. Get on the elevator...

And step out of it onto a small platform. On your right will be Gurtok Piercer (Ice), and on your left Gurtok Firebender (Fire). Straight ahead will be a door--OH NO! It's locked, but behind it is where Malistaire lurks...

Fight the two Gurtoks (on Piercer for me, this required lots of ice converts, ice shields, and a kind Sorcerer friend), then you will have access to a crystal stand on one side. There is also a door (leads to Howling Cave), through which is a Myth boss (Tumok Gravelbeard). You don't have to fight him, but you can get some nifty grandmaster gear from him!

Anyway, you'll find four crystal stands in the area. If you press them all at the same time (because the crystals have to reload), the door will unlock! Glory be! Then you just saunter on through there, and you'll find lots of fun doors to walk through...lalalalala...AND THEN, you get to these two Draconians. Ice. About 13000 HP, Dragonspyre normal level. Looks simple, right? Well, it sort of is.

You have to kill them AT THE SAME TIME. Okay, so not EXACTLY the same time, but make it close. Because if you kill one, then go kill the other, the other one will regenerate. This happened to me and a few of my friends: we were all Ice, so it took us a little longer to kill them. If you are Fire school, this should be a snap.

Now, at last you have made it to Malistaire! First, just pick off four spirit-like Death creatures (again, Dragonspyre normal level, should be easy with four people), and then you get to fight Malistaire!!!! First, you witness a conversation between he and Cyrus Drake, his bro, which is pretty intense. You even get to see Sylvia Drake, Malistaire's wife in ghost form! Then you battle it out against Malistaire (10000 HP Death), and three more of those spirit creatures.

If you do beat him...congrats! :D This is a great achievement! Wear your Savior of the Spiral badges proudly!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New outfit!

So I had plenty of gold to burn, and I wanted to spend it on a new outfit: I realize that Dragonspyre outifts are "cool" and stuff, but I felt a little piratey and decided on the Marleybone tricorn and pirate garb. I skipped the shoes, because I love the flame boots I got from fighting Youkai. I was also inspired to put in a little bit of ice school flair, so I made the new outfit black and light blue.

I would love to show you the new clothes, but I can't take screenshots on my computer...alas...

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the stitiching ability. If you talk to one of the seamstresses in any of the worlds, she can stitch the appearance of one of your clothing items onto the stats of another. But I have seen some people running around with just the clothing items on, without them stitched onto stats. Well, you can only stitch the items with Crowns, so I would suggest waiting until you have Crowns to buy clothing items from the seamstresses.