Monday, January 4, 2010

Flying away by Jack Frost

If you have your own house, you might see people fly off the edge of your property. To do this, walk to the edge of your island. Go to your options menu and turn off full-screen mode. On the top left corner of your screen, next to where it says "Wizard101," there should be the little spiral Wizard101 symbol. Start to walk, and click and hold the symbol. Keep walking. You won't see yourself walk off, but others will. You'll go right off into the sky!

My friend told me this great motto: when life gives you lemons, make grape juice, then sit back and let the world wonder how you did it.

--Jack Frost, level fifteen Conjurer, friend of Silvershade

Smith hints from Jack Frost

I know that the Smiths are a big quest in Wizard City, so I wanted to give a couple hints, as I recently finished finding them. This is Jack Frost, btw--I'll be giving hints on certain quests throughout the blog. Oh, and guess what? I'm level 13 now. Yeah, I'm pretty cool.

The Smiths quest is given by Prospector Zeke in the Commons. It gets you lots of good prizes, including a Training Point. Smiths are tiny little men in bright red shirts, with black hats and moustaches. They are usually near points of interest. Here are the location hints.

RAVENWOOD: This guy likes to hang out near a bench by a huge point of interest.
THE COMMONS: He loves the Fairegrounds, but hides from wizards playing minigames.
GOLEM COURT: Just check along the outer rim of the Court, he's basically in the plain sight.
UNICORN WAY: It's a long walk to reach him. He loves to watch the fairies.
SHOPPING DISTRICT: Look behind the buildings.
COLOSSUS BOULEVARD: He keeps watch over the biggest point of interest, at the very end of the Blvd.
FIRECAT ALLEY: Quinn's best friend lives there, and the Smith lives right outside.
TRITON AVENUE: No teleporter necessary. He stands out of the bustle, near the waterfalls.
CYCLOPS LANE: Instead of playing in Festival Park, he is nearby in a grassy area.
OLDE TOWN: He keeps Sylvia Drake's best friend company.

Hope these hints help, and keep on searching!
--Jack Frost, level 13 Conjurer, friend of Silvershade

Bengal Tiger--mission success! And other mount ideas

Here's some exciting news: I got the Bengal Tiger mount!!! SO HAPPY. I also created a new character to hang out with Jack Frost on his earlier levels. His name is Logan Shadowstaff, a Diviner, and to him I awarded the Tiger. Jack Frost has a Chestnut Pony mount that he is very proud of and loves to show off. He named it "Wild Bolt" for obvious reasons (I traded him a Wild Bolt treasure card, which I warned him not to use unless in desperate circumstances. He's tried it at least six times and failed, of course).

On the topic of naming your mounts, I thing KI should make a mount-naming program, similar to the one for pets. For now, though, we can make up names! My black stallion is Scarecrow, and the Tiger is Sebastian--I like that name.

I've also been thinking about more mounts that could be added. A Heckhound or Storm Hound would be cool, as would some school-themed mounts. Here are some possibilites I've come up with.
Ice: polar bear
Fire: Heckhound, although the dragons work pretty well for fire.
Storm: Storm Hound
Myth: Orthrus, or a Pegasus of some type...?
Death: something dark and mysterious...skeletal horse?
Life: Unicorn or Centaur
Balance: Hydra!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New friend

I wanted to wish a warm welcome to my good friend Jack Frost! He just started playing Wizard101, and he is a level 6 Conjurer! You might see one of my characters running around doing quests with him. Say hi!

A feature I wanted to discuss was the 'Best Friends' feature. If you click on the star next to a name on your friends list, the star will fill in and the name will go to the top of the list. This is so you can always know when that 'best friend' is online. Also, their name will appear light purple on-screen! Now that is fantastic.

Btw, Jack Frost says "Hi." He really has a way with words, huh?

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I am proud to announce that I have completed the Obsidian Chests quest at last! After a really long time of trying to get one of the chests, I did it. The chest that I am speaking of is the one in the Mooshu Ancient Burial Grounds. The first time I tried to get it, I discovered that I could not enter the dungeon. So I asked around, and finally found out that I had to complete all of Mossback's quests to get in. Here are the locations for the quests, in order: Cave of Solitude, Kishibe Village, Shirataki Temple, Ancient Burial Grounds, and Village of Sorrow. In Village of Sorrow, talk to Wavebringer. Then, go to the Tree of Life and talk to Oakheart. This information was given to me by a friend, and when she told me, I was a little hesitant to do all of this. That's a whole lot of questing! But it would be worth it to finish that pesky Obsidian Chest quest. Instead, my kind friend (who had access to the dungeon) let me teleport to her once she was inside. So I was granted an express pass to the end of the quest! Yay! Okay, now I have to beat all of those spiders...time for some fire Conversions!

Friday, January 1, 2010

For newer players: how to earn and save that gold!

I'm sure you've all heard rumors about cheats that will automatically earn you ridiculous amounts of gold. Well the truth is, almost all of these (probably all) are fakes. Don't trust the cheats. Now, the way to really earn gold quickly is to get items and sell them. That's it--there's no crazy key combination you have to use, or anything else. It's just the process of fighting monsters and various bosses, storing up the loot you earn, and then sorting out the gear you like and selling the rest. To save gold, focus on not buying anything you don't need. That includes pets (sorry, I know pets are awesome, but wait until you have a substantial amount of gold first). With all this saved gold, you can buy that hat you wanted, the wand, or whatever you were saving up for! And if you were saving up for a pet, make sure you wait for the one you really wanted. Don't settle for a bad one just because you want a pet. Heed this advice, people, because everyone needs gold!! :)

Happy New Year! And my favorite spells!

I just wanted to wish you all a happy 2010, and I hope you had a great New Year's celebration! Now, I devised a list of my favorite spells and the reasons that I love them. There is one for each school. They can be based on coolness, power, or anything else you like about the spell! Make your own list and compare with mine by putting it as a comment on this post! Enjoy!

Ice: As my own school, this one is a tough choice for me, but I have to go with Balefrost. That's right, not old Frosty the Giant or Colossus or Tower Shield (all of which I am fond of). This spell is awesome--at just two pips, it gives ice spells 35% higher damage! Use an ice positive or two, a couple traps, and one whopping damage spell. There is the secret to boss-pwnage, for lack of a better term.

Fire: Yes, I am a dog person, which might make me a little biased--but it's Heckhound. Especially when used by a Pyromancer, preferably with lots of power pips and positives! This guy can deal massive damage in those three turns, if powered up enough. Ah, yes, Briskbreeze Tower has taught me much, including the effectiveness of a decent damage over time spell.

Storm: So Wild Bolt gets a close second, but I have to say, Kraken has really grown on me. When you're in a pinch, pull out that Kraken (if it doesn't fizzle) for only four pips, and make a reasonably large dent in that monster! Sure, Kraken isn't as powerful or cool as a Triton or Storm Lord, but it's totally under-appreciated! So thank you good Kraken for all you have done for us!

Myth: Absolutely Ninja Pig. This will never change. First, they're ninjas, and they're also pigs. It's pure awesomeness in the form of a fat pink animal wearing a mask and chucking weapons at people. LOVE IT!!! It also does a fair amount of damage--640, I think. Not too shabby!

Life: Okay, okay, I have succumbed to the crazy fabulousness of the final spell. But seriously, you don't get much better than Rebirth. It's a tree that gives all the members of your team 650 HP, plus an absorb for 400! I do love a good Dryad or Seraph, but Rebirth is the icing on the cake (the good icing, not the gross hardening kind. Can icing go stale?).

Death: Here's a really great one-pip spell: Feint. This is a useful spell for boss fights, but I would suggest preparing yourself for a strong hit afterward. It gives your opponent a 70% any-attack trap, and the user a 30% of the same type. Just remember, bosses are not dumb. They will figure you out and hit your weak points if you don't defend yourself! So anyway, save Feint for either a low-cost low-power attack to finish the job, or use it at max pips when you want to fire off your biggest attack and make it sting!

Balance: For you aspiring Sorcerers--I really hate to tell you this, but Hydra is totally overrated. What's really great is Power Nova. Another final spell, I know, but I can't help myself. It's a burning sphere of balance that shoots itself at everyone and deals LOTS O' DAMAGE!!! So even though Hydra looks much cooler, and makes a sweet pet, it's Power Nova that you should be looking forward to.