Storm Spells

LEVEL 1: Thunder Snake—105-145 damage—cost: 1 (Halston Balestrom)

LEVEL 2: Lightning Strike—add 10% accuracy to next Storm attack—cost: 0 (Complete quest: ‘Enrollment’)

LEVEL 5: Lighting Bats—245-285 damage—cost: 2 (Halston Balestrom)

LEVEL 7: Storm Prism—convert next Storm damage to Myth—cost: 0 (Complete quest: ‘Charge it Up’)

LEVEL 8: Thermic Shield— subtract 70% damage from next Ice or Fire attack—cost: 0 (Halston Balestrom)

LEVEL 10: Storm Shark—375-435 damage—cost: 3 (Halston Balestrom)

LEVEL 10: Storm Shield—subtract 80% damage from next Storm attack—cost: 0 (Sabrina Greenstar)

LEVEL 12: Stormblade—add 30% damage to next Storm attack—cost: 0 (Complete quest: ‘I’ve Got the Power’)

LEVEL 15: Soothe—reduce threat on target—cost: X (Mortis)

LEVEL 16: Storm Trap—add 25% damage to next Storm attack—cost: 0 (Halston Balestrom)

COMPLETE WIZARD CITY: Disarm—remove one positive Charm from target—cost: 1 (Complete quest: ‘The Sixth School’)

LEVEL 18: Water Elemental: summon a Storm Minion—cost: 3 (Complete quest: ‘Test Your Might’)

LEVEL 22: Kraken—520-580 damage—cost: 4 (Halston Balestrom)

LEVEL 22: Dissipate—dispel next Storm attack—cost: 2 (Mildred Farseer)

LEVEL 25: Sap Power—sacrifice Minion for 4 pips—cost: 1 (Croaky)

LEVEL 26: Windstorm—add 20% damage to next Storm attack to all enemies—cost: 1 (Halston Balestrom)

COMPLETE KROKOTOPIA: Cleanse Charm—remove one negative Charm from target—cost: 1 (Complete quest: ‘Temple Dweller’)

LEVEL 28: Tempest—80 damage per pip to all enemies—cost: X (Complete quest: ‘Boiling Hot’)

COMPLETE MARLEYBONE: Wild Bolt—1000 damage—cost: 2 (Complete quest: ‘Bad News…’)

LEVEL 33: Darkwind—add 25% damage to all Storm attacks—cost: 2 (Halston Balestrom)

LEVEL 38: Triton—795-875 damage—cost: 6 (Complete quest: ‘Before the Storm’)

LEVEL 42: Stormzilla—650-730 damage—cost: 5 (Halston Balestrom)

LEVEL 48: Storm Lord—690 damage and stun to all enemies—cost: 7 (Complete quest: ‘Component Opponent’)