Saturday, November 20, 2010

Idea time!

I had some troubles with the posting of this post-eriffic post, and unfortunately, my issues were not exactly solved. See, I lost the whole thing, and I tried to recover makes me tear up just thinking about it! However...FEAR NOT! I've done my best to rewrite the post for y'all! Sorry for the sadness. I:

I'm back and totally (sort of) out of my writer's block (mostly)! I'd like to offer y'all a bowl of idea soup. It's the best kind of soup, because it's made out of ideas (and broth), and it's calorie-free!! Here's the recipe; enjoy!

1 tbsp school Mounts: it seems unfair to me that permanent Mounts have to be bought. I mean, I went for more than a year without a Mount (before Mounts were even released!!!), and I survived, but it would be great for newer players to be able to get a Mount earlier in the game. They're super helpful, although we now take them for granted. I used to hate long hauls between quests, especially in Wizard City. Walking wasn't much fun. And, as we all know from my post about random stuff that we all love, jumping doesn't actually grant secret access or anything special, so even that loses its novelty after a while. So, here's my idea: set up a side quest for each school. It has to be pretty hard, and it has to eventually enter a solo area, where you can't bring your Legendary buddy or what have you. I'm thinking a quick tower--three floors or so--with a different boss on each level. If you were Fire school, for example, the first two bosses would be Storm and Ice, and the final boss would be Fire, and he/she would drop a permanent Fire-themed Mount. Here are some ideas for the Mounts: Ice = Polar Bear, Fire = Firecat, Storm = BIG Lightning Bat, Life = Centaur (perhaps awkward, but still), Myth = Humongofrog (think about it), Death = Death Scarab (like that cool pet), and Balance = Scorpion. I’d love it, but I’m biased.

2 cups more hybrid-looking pets: okay, picture this—you get a regular, everyday Unicorn pet, mix it with a regular, everyday Firecat pet, and (SHAZAM!) you get a totally cool horse-thing with orange cat paws and a flamin’ mane! Woohoo! That would rock! I’d definitely want one of those. But, besides the potential awesomeness of a Fire Unicorn pet, what would you think about every single pet combo—not just the level 48 ones—having the prospect of a hybrid-looking pet?! This would undoubtedly be a HUGE undertaking for KI, but when they finish with the new worlds/new spells/higher level caps/other stuff that clearly takes precedence, maybe…maybe…they’ll work on this!

3 gallons new pip system: SUPER PIPS! MEGA PIPS! Wait, let’s back up. A ‘super pip?’ What in the name of Ninja Pigs is that weird thing? Well, in my crazy mind, a ‘super pip’ is like a power pip…but for ANY school spell, no matter what your school of focus is! When playing Adam, I find it very annoying having to wait SIX TURNS for an Earthquake after my opponent puts up a Life Ward RIGHT AFTER I’ve fully bladed myself. Now THAT is tedious. Now, a mega pip would be like a power pip, but give THREE regular pips for your school of focus! Just think: when we start to get higher-ranked spells, that mega pip would be a great thing to have. Plus, I wouldn’t mind waiting one less turn for a Centaur or Colossus. ;)

4 pounds school-specific homework assignments: well, I never thought I’d be asking for homework…clearly, something is wrong with me. But hear me out before you call me crazy! This is my greatest idea yet! Okay, I’m gonna give you a scenario.
You are an Ice wizard (GO THAUMATURGES). At the beginning of the week, you get a message from Professor Greyrose. She’s like, “Scoot on over to the Ice school for your assignment!” So, you head over to the Ice school and pick up your homework. This week’s assignment: bounty-hunting! Defeat a specific boss in each world, with one of each of the following: an Apprentice Thaumaturge, a Magus Thaumaturge, a Grandmaster Thaumaturge, and a Legendary Thaumaturge. So, to participate in this assignment, you must be one of those ranks, and you must have a group of that arrangement. Once you’ve found your group, you add them onto your 4-person-max ‘Study Buddy’ list, a temporary friend system that allows players to work on homework assignments with other wizards of their school, without maxing out their regular friend list! Study Buddies can port to each other in any world, and talk to each other in a Group-like setting. After the assignment is finished, your Study Buddy list is cleared. Rewards for these assignments could vary from super-rare housing items to experience prizes, or from huge gold rewards to school-specific pets or clothing items. Also, each participant would receive a grade through a points system. For example: at the end of the week, if only one of the bosses were defeated, you might get one point. If all were defeated, you’d get five or six points. This would make for some great school bonding, too! At the end of each month, whichever school collected the most points in total would win the monthly school competition!! A special prize would be given to the members of that school…say, an organized all-school party, maybe trophy symbols on their clothes, or a special spell that they’d have for the next month. Just throwing it out there.
Okay, I know it’s getting pretty complicated, but there’s one more point to this idea: by winning a monthly school contest, the winning school would collect a YEAR point! So, at the end of the year, whichever school had the most YEAR points would win a HUUUGE award!!!!! I’m talking an automatic level for one character, maybe some Crowns, a super rare single-edition pet, a special Mount…the list goes on and on, I tell you!

5 tsp awesome broth: hey, it has to taste like something.

Okay, there’s your recipe for Idea Soup! Hope it tastes awesome! If you come up with any great ideas, please tell me via comment! I’m sure the Wizard101 community will appreciate your thoughts!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A bit of a block...

Hey trusty readers! As you may have noticed lately, I've had a MASSIVE case of writer's block--I haven't made too many posts, and I am truly apologetic for that. As soon as I overcome this, though, I'll have some great stuff to tell y'all about, regarding Celestia among other things!!! So, please take this time to visit some other blogs and fansites, and I'll start up again ASAP. :) Thanks everyone!! Here are some screenshots to pass the time:

First glimpse of Celestia on the Test Realm!!

Icezilla, baby!

Hehe...looks like my "skull cap" trend is spreading!! Had to share this. :)

My friend Hunter's first Snow Angel, which was actually "SO POWERFUL!"

Checkin' out the new Gamestop gear before it was released...lucky dude, huh?

Jack and Scout, his Jade Hound!!! SOOOO CUTE AND NON-VICIOUS-LOOKING!!!

Takin' on Axenos (yes, I'm WAAAY behind) with a little Centaur/Orthrus action! Well, I'm done with the Stellarium now. So there. :P

Jack and Adam, in all their awesomeness! They're working, slowly but surely, through the Floating Land at this point. Wish 'em luck! (And you're very welcome, Mr. PixiePants!)