Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A bit of a block...

Hey trusty readers! As you may have noticed lately, I've had a MASSIVE case of writer's block--I haven't made too many posts, and I am truly apologetic for that. As soon as I overcome this, though, I'll have some great stuff to tell y'all about, regarding Celestia among other things!!! So, please take this time to visit some other blogs and fansites, and I'll start up again ASAP. :) Thanks everyone!! Here are some screenshots to pass the time:

First glimpse of Celestia on the Test Realm!!

Icezilla, baby!

Hehe...looks like my "skull cap" trend is spreading!! Had to share this. :)

My friend Hunter's first Snow Angel, which was actually "SO POWERFUL!"

Checkin' out the new Gamestop gear before it was released...lucky dude, huh?

Jack and Scout, his Jade Hound!!! SOOOO CUTE AND NON-VICIOUS-LOOKING!!!

Takin' on Axenos (yes, I'm WAAAY behind) with a little Centaur/Orthrus action! Well, I'm done with the Stellarium now. So there. :P

Jack and Adam, in all their awesomeness! They're working, slowly but surely, through the Floating Land at this point. Wish 'em luck! (And you're very welcome, Mr. PixiePants!)

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