Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's coming....

Gimme a C! Gimme an E! Gimme a...okay, let's get serious. Celestia is almost here--I can feel it, it's a tingle...well, actually it's more than a tingle, I mean come on. We've waited patiently, and I know that this new world has ALMOST arrived! AAAAAHHHHH CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! So, let's chat, then. This is a Q-and-A session between Mr. Crab (a Celestian inhabitant) and a Grandmaster Thaumaturge (*cough cough*). Uh, and yes, I made this up for the enjoyment of my readers using my predictions about Celestia. Heh. YEAH ENJOY!

Q: It is so nice to finally meet you, Mr. Crab! I've heard lots about you. I just want to ask you some quick questions while I have the time (gots me some homework). So, can you give us Wizards a basic idea of what Celestia is all about?

A: Of course, Fallon! Well, first of all, it's all underwater. If you've visited Crab Alley, you'll know what's up with that. Also, there is a clear conflict between the good guys (crabs, some fish, some Marleybonians) and the bad guys (insect-type creatures, sharks, evil enchanted figureheads). Us good guys are a bit outnumbered. Oh yeah, and the bad guys have the Umbra Queen. She's SUPER powerful. :)

Q: That sounds like fun! (Sorta) I hear that there'll be three new schools of magic that have to do with the sun, the moon, and the stars! Are you versed in any of those? Can you tell us anything about them?

A: Well, these three schools of magic were created by my ancestors. Most crabs use a considerable amount of magic, though some of us use weaponry and technology to achieve our means. Sharks and most fish do not use magic at all. The most skilled magical beings in our world are the bug-people, led by the Umbra Queen, the most powerful of all! They use not only Solar, Lunar, and Astral magic, but also all of those that you learn in Wizard City. Additionally, I can tell you that your new students in Wizard City cannot apply to focus in the Celestian magic schools. Much too complex for Novice Wizards, including myself, actually. To answer that first question, no, I do not do magic. I wield an axe. It hurts waaay more than magic, in my opinion.

Q: That is definitely a bold statement, Mr. Crab--I appreciate your frankness. Anyways, I watched that Selena Gomez clip featuring a preview of new spells, and I was wondering if you knew anything about those featured?

A: In fact, I do! That first spell you'll see is a Solar spell. It appears to be a representation of the Egyptian god Ra, holding an Ankh! You see, Ra was the sun god, so it makes sense that it is a Solar spell. You can even see the sun blazing in the background. The other featured spell is a bit genie-like, isn't it? He's clearly coming from a golden lamp, and he's got that whole hair thing going. To be honest, I'm not sure exactly which school that spell is from! Looks pretty fiery, doesn't it? Perhaps with the rise in the level cap to 60, your Elemental and Spiritual schools will have some new spells!?

Q: Cool! Thanks for your insight on that stuff, Mr. Crab! Now, about that level cap...what will it mean for our Wizards back home?

A: Oh, great question! The new level cap will mean lots of good, hearty, high-experience quests in Celestia! It should also mean new quests in Grizzleheim, whose quests advance throughout level progression! It will mean new gear level 50+, like the Wayfinder objects! It will definitely mean new level 60 super gear, plus a new title besides Grandmaster! I'm thinking...SUPERWIZARD!! Catchy, huh?

FALLON: Um, yeah, really catchy...(not)...THANKS! I'm so happy we got this chance to talk! See ya in Celestia!
MR. CRAB: Yes, see you there! And thank YOU, Wizards of all schools! Can't wait to meet you all!

That ends this session of: Q-AND-A, SILVERSHADE STYLE! See y'all next time!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Man it's been a while!

Hi guys! Thanks for hangin' on--school's back in, and I am SUPER occupied! I'll be posting a lot less frequently, but check in every once in a while and you'll probably see something new. :) Here's what you've missed while I've been busy:
1. Adam is done with Dragonspyre at level 50.
2. Selena Gomez quest: CHECK!
3. New Shark Mount: in the works...? See that old Mount post from '09--new updates on the way!
4. Kestrel and Cori SilverBane (me and my friend's new Death and Fire gals) are level 12!
5. And...no new hybrid pets...sadness...

NOW, who else can't wait for CELESTIA???? Check out the survey! :D Thanks again!