Myth Spells

LEVEL 1: Blood Bat—70-110 damage—cost: 1 (Cyrus Drake)

LEVEL 2: Golem Minion—summon a Myth Minion (Golem)—cost: 0 (Complete quest: ‘Enrollment’)

LEVEL 5: Troll—170-210 damage—cost: 2 (Cyrus Drake)

LEVEL 7: Troll Minion—summon a Myth Minion (Troll)—cost: 1-3 (Complete quest: ‘Myth Adventure’)

LEVEL 8: Myth Trap—add 25% damage to next Myth attack—cost: 0 (Cyrus Drake)

LEVEL 10: Cyclops—265-325 damage—cost: 3 (Cyrus Drake)

LEVEL 10: Myth Shield—subtract 80% damage from next Myth attack—cost: 0 (Sabrina Greenstar)

LEVEL 10: Shield Minion—subtract 70% damage from next attack to Minion—cost: 0 (Tish’mah)

LEVEL 12: Mythblade—add 35% damage to next Myth attack—cost: 0 (Complete quest: ‘Mything in Action’)

LEVEL 15: Subdue—reduce threat on target—cost: 2 (Mortis)

LEVEL 15: Buff Minion—add 40% damage to Minion’s next attack—cost: 0 (Tish’mah)

LEVEL 16: Ether Shield—subtract 70% damage from next Death and Life attacks—cost: 0 (Cyrus Drake)

COMPLETE WIZARD CITY: Myth Prism—convert next Myth attack to Storm—cost: 0 (Complete quest: ‘The Sixth School’)

LEVEL 18: Cyclops Minion—summon a Myth Minion (Cyclops)—cost: 1-4 (Complete quest: ‘Mything Visions’)

LEVEL 20: Siphon Health—sacrifice Minion for 400 health—cost: 1 (Tish’mah)

LEVEL 22: Humongofrog—265-325 damage to all enemies—cost: 4 (Cyrus Drake)

LEVEL 23: Mend Minion—350 health to Minion—cost: 1 (Tish’mah)

LEVEL 25: Draw Power—sacrifice Minion for 2 pips—cost: 1 (Tish’mah)

LEVEL 26: Time of Legend—add 25% damage to all Myth attacks—cost: 2 (Cyrus Drake)

COMPLETE KROKOSPHINX: Pierce—remove one positive Ward—cost: 1 (Complete quest: ‘Back to Balance’)

COMPLETE KROKOTOPIA: Cleanse Ward—remove one negative Ward—cost: 0 (Complete quest: ‘Temple Dweller’)

LEVEL 28: Stun—stun target enemy for one turn—cost: 0 (Complete quest: ‘Mything Persons’)

LEVEL 33: Minotaur—50 + 445 damage—cost: 5 (Cyrus Drake)

COMPLETE MARLEYBONE: Blinding Light—stuns all enemies for one turn—cost: 2 (Complete quest: ‘Bad News…’)

LEVEL 38: Minotaur Minion—summon a Myth Minion (Minotaur)—cost: 3 (Complete quest: ‘Myth Taken Identity’)

LEVEL 42: Earthquake—310 damage and remove all Charms and Wards to all enemies—cost: 6 (Cyrus Drake)

LEVEL 48: Orthrus—50 + 650 damage—cost: 7 (Complete quest: ‘Two Heads are Better than One’)