Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince Shadow: Adult!

As you can probably tell by the title of this post, my Colossus is now an Adult!! How did I do it? Train, train, every day!

Now for Ancient! That's 500 XP, so I'd better start cracking! To do so, I have purchased the formula for 'Frosted Drakes,' an AWESOME Ice snack (recipe available for purchase in Dragonspyre). It adds 7 XP with every game!!! I've already crafted fifteen of 'em, and hopefully all this crazy Gurtok Demon farming will get me some extra 5+ snacks. :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New pets!

Okay, here are the new pets I've gotten so far!

Here is Patch on the left, my Striped Boar. He's a teen now. THEY GROW UP SO FAST!!!
And on the right is Chance, my Blue Spider (still a baby). Below is my NEW Storm Cat, Sir Cocoa! He just hatched, so I've got some work to do! Jack has gotten a Silverback Wildclaw as well, so I'll be sure to post up shots of him when he hatches! :D Let me know what kinds of new pets you guys have gotten!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


HEY GUYS GUESS WHAT??? THE PETS HAVE BEEN RELEASED IN-GAME! Okay, this is great. :D I have to level up Prince Shadow (once this thing is done patching)!!!! CYA HAVE FUN!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Katz Lab with Adam and Jack

Adam is on his way to Big Ben! Getting through Katzenstein's Lab was easy enough with Jack Frost helping, since the big Katz himself is Storm. Plus,we stopped by Smogger and picked up the Smogger Smasher badge!
Smogger is a hidden boss in Katzenstein's Lab. After you beat Katzenstein, go up to the platform on his right and into the outside area. You'll be asked to find wooden planks to bridge the gap between that area and the path to Smogger. You have to find four or five, so set a teleport mark and grab that wood! There are is a pile in that area, and one right outside of the Katzenstein building. Other than that, you'll have to search around the rooftops near the building, and then you can come back and make the bridge!! Smogger is a Storm boss (like Katz) with 4,000 health and a clockwork helper with 575 health. Good luck, potential Smogger Smashers! Time to finish up Marleybone!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Half-man, half-horse, ALL-AWESOME

Centaur for Adam! This here's his first one: it was in Kensington Park! Took us a while to beat the first boss...we never finished the whole dungeon. :P
A Centaur Mount would be pretty cool....................or a pet!?

Friday, May 14, 2010


Guess who Jack's recently defeated? It's that lovable Death dude, Mr. Malistaire Drake! I like him better than Cyrus, to tell ya the truth. He's got great hair. Anyway, Jack is now done with the game!!! He's still level 48, however, and I'm TRYING to get him to go back and finish side quests.

Not easy, I tell ya.

Here are a couple pics!

Congratz Jack! And thanks to Amy HawkMender and Daniel Firesword--y'all rock! :D

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hybrid pets = super-duper

Thanks to the Friendly Necromancer for putting up this awesome link on his blog:

I'm sorry Friendly, I willingly admit to the crime of being a copycat (copycatting?). But sometimes things are just too super-duper to not write about!

It's a link to Central that shows all the new hybrid pets to be released! My favorite is the Ianthine Spectre--soooo cool! I'm also a fan of the Storm Cat and Ice Bird. Icezilla might come in handy, too...yeah, I think I'll be farming in Dragonspyre and Grizzleheim quite a bit...I love that these cards give you blades, too. Did you notice that White Rat Magician gives you a Time of Legend, and Storman gives a Darkwind? Pretty cool. I wonder if it does it before the attack or after? We'll just have to wait and see!

I'm gonna get me a Spectre on the Test Realm ASAP and train it, then combine it with Prince Shadow! Ooh, it's gonna be awesome!!! THANK YOU KINGSISLE FOR RESETTING THE CROWNS ON THE TEST REALM! Luv y'all!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Heading!

So, whaddya think of the new art up there? I drew it myself! :D Let me know if it's too flashy/enormous...hehe, it's possible...thank you and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Time to dust off the old coat

Does anyone remember my pirate coat? Take a look at the first couple of pictures on that link, maybe they'll jog your memory. :) Actually, it was once a cloak with that cool tree symbol on the cape--you could buy it in Krokotopia. But, eventually, these items were taken out of the game (I think they were too awesome). I also ended up stitching the cloak onto my pirate coat.

And now that Adam has turned level thirty (they grow up so fast!), he can use the coat!!! Here's a picture. Pretty fancy, huh? :P I also replaced the blue trim with green. Adam's all about going green.

Oh, and here is his first Regenerate! And thank you, Heather Raven, for your nice comment--you're right, it is a cool spell! And quite handy in Frostholm!

Okay Marleybone, I'm ready for ya!

Adam is OFFICIALLY on to Marleybone!!!! HOORAY!!! Here's a couple 'o pics:

Okay, so there's a, HERE'S where it gets complicated. My new spell. Enlarge these screenshots please...OR ELSE.

So, uh, Freddy turned out to be quite the little first, there is pure joy:

And I wipe him out with a snappy double-boosted Earthwalker. But guess what? These kinds of things are too good to be true.

Whoopsie. Well, I cut my deck down to ONLY boosting and a little bit of healing, and I get him with a boosted Earthwalker all nine times. Pretty frustrating. But check out my prize!

Hehe, I guess I forgot to take an actual shot of the spell, but it's Regenerate! Check out the Life spell list for a closer peek. I haven't used it yet, so I'll let y'all know when that happens!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Egg = Sadness

Miss Belle, my new pet egg on the Test Realm, hatched last night...and I have to say, not exactly what I had expected. Not what my Necromancer friend Wolf (who supplied his Wraith) expected either. It was an Ice-only pet that was basically an exact replica of Prince Shadow, but with better stats. I'm still not even sure how the Wraith ties in at all. :( I just wanna tell you guys, when pets go live, I would suggest not making a pet egg unless you're TOTALLY SURE about it, and you have LOTS of gold to spare!! Otherwise: oops, look at that! You just spent 70,000-80,000 gold on a pet that takes 2 days to hatch and you're probably not even gonna use it. Argh. Unless this expansion is improved a little bit, I don't expect to be hatching any eggs in the near future. I know a ton of work has gone into it, but seriously--we needs some kinks worked out here, or I won't be the only one to not hatch a pet.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jack's First Orthrus Spell!

As promised, here is Jack Frost's official first Orthrus! This here's the first bark--the head on the left does that one. Check out the creepy moon up there...yikes. Jack commenting on Cyrus Drake. Adam being excited. Yep. We can cross this one off the list!
Second bark: full-fledged awesomeness!!! It sure takes a while, though. Both heads bark this time, but in this shot, it looks like the one on the left is still getting most of the action. Super-fun spell! Thanks to everyone who helped Jack out with his questing! Next (minor) speedbump: Malistaire! WE'RE COMIN' FOR YA! And so is Baby Rascal!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Join the Club, Baby Rascal!

PLEASE click on this picture to enlarge it!!!
Well, after completing a tough tower (with me walking him through it) Jack got his Orthrus spell/pet at last! :D
It's very cute, I have to say. His name is Baby Rascal, which Jack insists on keeping. He has yet to actually use the spell--screenshots coming! For any of you Conjurers in possession of Orthrus...remember Cyrus's jokes?
"Stupid demon dogs"
"Cerberus's brother"
"Two-headed cats--the natural enemies of Orthruses!!"
Oh, Cyrus. What a guy, huh? He's really the life of the party.
Anyway, can't wait till the Test Realm goes live! I'M GONNA GET ME AN EGG! The one on the Test Realm will take another 20 hours to hatch, so I'll be waiting...oh, and THANK YOU WOLF DEATHWALKER FOR SHARING YOUR WRAITH! Little Belle is gonna be so great thanks to you. I think she'll get her father's looks (Prince Shadow--fingers crossed lol).


Check it out---I GOT DEAN DARKFLAME'S SWORD! That's my newest addition to the sword collection! Now all I have left are the Property Master one and Redwind's Viridian Blade! Woot!
And here's your latest Jack Frost update: level 47, with about twenty thousand experience left to go! I'll be sure to put up a screenshot of his first Orthrus for y'all!