Monday, October 11, 2010

Get Psyched! Level 58 Spells ARE AWESOME!

I don't know if any of y'all have seen the new level 58 spells...but lemme tell ya...THEY'RE AWESOME. We now have seen all of the spells, but if you haven't, here ya go! They each cost 8 pips. And did I mention they're AWESOME?!

Fire: Efreet. It's a big genie-type dude with a large golden sword and even better hair than Malistaire. Deals 895 damage with a sword slash, plus gives the opponent a -90% damage negative!

Ice: Snow Angel (!). Love the name, LOL (get it? Like a snow angel? HA). Anyways, creepy cloaked guy (or girl?) comes down from the heavens on a pegasus. He/she (let's call it 'It') is holding a glowing blue lantern-thing, which sprays icy awesomeness onto the enemy! Deals 100 damage, then 660 over the next three rounds (that's 220 each round). Also taunts all of 'em!

Storm: Leviathan. That is a biiiiig snake. It wiggles around a little, then pops up in the middle of the stormy battlefield and spits some lightning out of its nose. Next, it flips over and dives back in, slapping the enemy with its tail! Didn't see that coming, eh? Yeah, I was expecting some lightning-breath too, but I guess we'll have to wait for level 68 for that. :)

Myth: Medusa (thanks comment-folks!). You know, the lady with the snake hair? An earthquake splits the ground, and she rises up with two huge then screams at you? Like Leviathan: why not just HIT you with the swords? Come on, Medusa, get real. You don't hafta show off your cool scream, even though it deals 770 damage. Silly snake lady!

Death: Skeletal Dragon. It's kind of self-explanatory, except for the huge glowing purple wings. It flies, then falls, then shoots Death stuff (DEATH BREATH!) at the enemy for 200 damage, plus 810 more over three rounds (270 per round).

Life: FOREST LORD. Yessss!! It's an AoE spell. THANK YOU KI! 560-640 damage. Wowza. Giant fuzzy green dude appears, makes some trees, grabs their branches, absorbs some tree energy (I guess), and BASHES EVERYBODY!!! This is great. Theurgists: enjoy.

Balance: Ra. Okay, I admit, I totally thought that this guy was a new Solar spell (thanks to Pegasus7 for proving me wrong, LOL). However, Ra makes a great Balance spell, going along with the ancient Egyptian theme (plus giant floating fiery orb). He appears with his staff and Ankh, which he uses to magnify the sun's heat onto all your enemies! 560-640 damage for everyone! ALL HAIL RA!

Okay, guys, do your thing on the Test Realm and keep up the good work!


  1. Myth is Medusa, does 770 damage, and stuns an enemy for 2 rounds.
    Life is Forest Lord, does 540-620 to all monsters.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Myth is medusa

    770 damage, stun for two rounds

  3. The new Myth spell is MEDUSA indeed! 770 damage and 2 stuns, and the Life one is Forest Lord, an AoE! ( Hits-all spell ) KI confirmed the next Life spell wouldn't be a heal a long time ago ;) - 560-640 damage for Forest Lord, a crazy Shih-Tzu. And the new CL schools don't really have any epic attacks, just so you know

  4. The lvl 58 life spell is FOREST LORD! xD It's like big foot and attacks all people. The myth one is Medusa. Well it's pretty self explanatory.

  5. Wow, nice work guys! Thanks to everyone who commented! Can't wait for Adam to learn Forest Lord!!!! I'm gonna update my post ASAP!

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